Upcoming Event: Men’s Day of Desert – Sept 23rd.

Fr. Clemens will having his yearly, Men’s Day of Desert retreat on September 23rd at St. Bernard’s in Jordan Valley, Oregon. If you plan on joining please RSVP to the parish office by calling: 541-586-2266. They will be leaving the parish parking lot at 7am (please be there by 6:45am) and will return at 4pm. Lunch will be provided (free will offering to cover the lunch).

Men, it is time to step up and be heard. It has been the general trend for men to be quiet on issues of faith and morals. Today’s families need men to stand up for God’s truth and His Church. What do “I” as a man stand for and why? What defines me and how do I act? How do I combat the temptations and atrocities of today’s world? These are the types of questions and answers to expect on this day retreat.

The retreat includes:

  • Mass
  • Reconcilliation
  • Adoration
  • Fraternity
  • Talks
  • Hiking (Transportation is provided for those in need of assistance)

Article of the 100 year Anniversary of St. Bernard’s

“Great country! Church to be built there as soon as possible!” were the words of Bishop O’Reilly after visiting Jordan Valley for the first time in 1914. Bishop O’Reilly was inspired by the faithful Catholics of the rural community of Jordan Valley. Two years after his visit, a church was erected and still stands a hundred years later as a strong  anchor of faith for Catholics in Jordan Valley.
On The Feast of the Ascension, May 28, 2017, St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Jordan Valley celebrated its 100 year anniversary and rededication. The church was newly renovated in 2016, by Fr. Bailey Clemens, the pastor at St. Bernard. Bishop Liam Cary of the Baker Diocese celebrated the Mass and rededication of the church. This was Bishop Cary’s first visit to Jordan Valley since the renovations took place. In his homily, he stated how his eyes were dazzled by the interior beauty of the church, and drew him in an upward direction towards God. He stated that the Feast of the Ascension is a calling upward. It raises our eyes. Similarly, the walls of the Church take our eyes and our minds upward. When we rededicate a Church, we are reminded to rededicate ourselves to that which is above. Also, St. Paul says that the Church is the Body of Christ. Similarly, the church building symbolizes Christ who is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life.’ The floor of the church represents The Way. It is the passage by which we walk. The walls represent stability, The Truth, which guards us on our way through life. The walls hold up the roof which protects us from the elements just as we are sustained by The Life of Christ.
Over 100 people joined in the celebration, with several relatives of the original builders of the church present. The women of St. Bernard served a wonderful banquet and there were games for the children, while the weather was perfect for the celebration. The beautiful remodel and rededication of the church is a testimony that the Catholics of Jordan Valley plan to be there long into the future.
To see pictures of the renovated church and more pictures from the 100 year celebration and rededication please see St. Bernard’s website: stbernardsjordanvalley.com
Written by: Liz Cunningham

100 Year Anniversary & Rededication of St. Bernard’s Catholic Church

On May 28, 2017 the St. Bernard’s community celebrated the 100 year anniversary of St. Bernard’s Church, it was also a special event because the church was rededicated at the same time because it was renovated in 2016. Fr. Clemens and the St. Bernard’s community had been preparing for this event over the last several months and were very pleased by the turnout and how the whole event went. Bishop Liam Cary of the Baker Diocese offered up the mass and rededicated the church. This was the first time that Bishop Cary had been to the church since the renovations and was awestruck by the beautiful transformation of the parish. Please see the pictures below of the celebration.